Christian Leaders Camp
12th-24th, Jan, 2019

Camp Guest Speakers

At various stages through the camps, Guest speakers will present.

Brigadier Jim Wallace.

Jim has served in the Australian Military, commanding the Special Air Service Regiment and reaching the rank of Brigadier. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 1984 and on leaving the Army established the Australian Christian Lobby, being it's managing director from 2000 - 2013.

Professor Frank Stootman.

Frank holds a PhD in Physics. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Western Sydney (UWS). His primary scientific interests are astrophysics and computational simulation. He has lectured extensively on the relationship of Christianity (Revelation) to Science (Natural Philosophy). He has eclectic interests in philosophy, music, history, politics, the arts, and film. Frank and his wife Heather run the L'Abri Fellowship Australia.

Historian and founder of 'Jim's Mowing', Dr Jim Penman.

The face of one of Australia's largest and most recognisable franchises, Jim began his business to support his studies, attaining a PhD in History. Jim began his journey into History studies as an atheist somewhat antagonistic toward religion, the evidence he uncovered during his studies revealed the important role Christianity has played in forming a freer and fairer civilisation. Jim's testimony to faith and his current academic projects will inspire!

Human Rights consultant, Andrea Tokaji.

Founder of the Fighting for Justice Foundation, Andrea is an International Human Rights lawyer who's involvement in campaigns to end human trafficking has seen her delivering educational seminars, nationally and internationally. Andrea's engagement in both the government and corporate spheres, working towards a future where the tragedy of human exploitation is exposed and rectified, will be an inspiration to all.

Historian and writer, Dr David Furse-Roberts.

David completed his PhD in history in 2015. He is a researcher and Writer for the Menzies Research Centre and the Spectator newspaper. Author of 'Menzies: The forgotten Speeches' and 'Howard: the art of persuasion', his knowledge on politics and history, along with the important role Christian faith has played in our cultures formation, is essential learning for anyone aspiring to leadership.

State member for Sandringham, Murray Thompson.

A member of the Victorian Parliament since 1992, Murray has held a number of Liberal Party Shadow Portfolio's in his time. He is a hard working parliamentarian who has been a mentor to many community organisations and students. He has a keen interest in history and has written on the Christian legacy of some of Victoria's political pioneers such as Governor Latrobe. With his insights into politics, including having a father as Victorian Premier, Murray's narrative on the change-makers in Victoria's history will provide an invaluable background to anyone journeying toward public leadership.

Retired Air Captain, Peter Kentley.

Peter flew as an airline pilot with Ansett for 25 years. Since leaving flying in 2002 Peter was the founder and CEO of Australian Marketplace Connections, convener of River of Life Church conference and board member with the Graeme Clark Foundation. Currently Peter is President of ReCharge-100 which is contributing to the centenary commemoration of General Sir John Monash, General Sir Harry Chauvel, Indigenous troopers and ANZAC forces.

Australian Christian Lobby Victorian Director, Dan Flynn.

Dan is a lawyer by profession. He practiced as a Barrister from 1989 to 2006, before commencing as a Solicitor with the Victorian Government. From 2008, until joining ACL in 2012, Dan managed a team of government prosecutors conducting environmental cases in Victorian courts. Dan has a strong conviction for justice in our state, once remarking "fish have more rights than the unborn in our state".

Economist Hannah Weickhardt

Hannah has gained a Master of Economic Policy from the Australian National University and worked in both think tanks and the private sector, where Economics is her passion. Her insights into how money can be used with Godly integrity, while not falling prey to the moral pitfalls surrounding wealth creation, are needed for anyone learning to manage their financial future. In addition to a keen mind for learning and understanding, she enjoys getting outdoors to see and do new things. .