Christian Leaders Camp
12th-24th, Jan, 2019

Who Should Apply?

The camp has been designed for Christian males, going into year eleven through to early university, who have a passion to live out their faith in leadership roles. The curriculum will be biblically centred and would suit either Protestant's or Catholic's with an adherence to traditional conservative theology.


$1900 per person (GST inclusive). APPLY HERE

If you genuinely can't afford it please check out Scholarship Application. APPLY HERE

Donations / Sponsorship.

There's so many good causes to donate to and we aren't out to pressure you. However, if you'd like to chip in and sponsor a young adult who can't afford it, we'd love you help. Please note, all sponsors (business or private) will receive a special thank you (corporate sponsors details available for promotion) unless stated otherwise.

Group Leaders

Camp director, Ash Belsar.

Always up for adventure, Ash has owned and operated Outthere Outdoor Activities for twelve years. He has worked in the past as a four wheel drive tour guide, penguin ranger and camp manager. His other interests include fine art which he studied at Monash, theology, history, politics and philosophy. He sees his passion for the outdoors as God's gift to strengthen and refresh others and wishes to serve Christ by mentoring young men.

Programming and Safety officer, Michael Milnes.

Michael has been involved with outdoor education for well over 15 years and views safety as an exercise in common sense and experience. Michael worked as an outdoor programmer for number of camps and schools before being appointed camp program manager for Melbourne Grammar School in 2010. His experience includes programming camps for up to 10 days in highly remote areas in Victoria, New south wales and Tasmania. A great team mentor for young men, Michael enjoys surfing, diving, fishing, rock climbing, bushwalking and 4WD.

Camp Providers

The first week 4wd hire and camping with Mountain Top Experience


Second week accommodation Phillip Island Adventure Resort


Second week outdoor adventure activities with Outthere Outdoor Activities