Christian Leaders Camp
12th-24th, Jan, 2019

Do you see in your Young Man the potential to be a future leader?

Are they entering Yr 11, Yr 12 or early Tertiary study?

Christian Leaders Camp

January 12th - 24th, 2019.

Victorian High Country, and Phillip Island

We've designed a unique twelve day camp this January to help young Christians form strong faith based foundations. The camp is aimed at young men entering into their final years of secondary school through to early university. The camp will be limited to twenty participants, so no-one gets lost in the crowd.

Young Christians looking for a future in Academia, Corporate / Political leadership and other areas of leadership will come under ever increasing pressure to choose between their faith convictions and their career aspirations. This camp will focus on Theology, History and Science to empower our future leaders and strengthen their faith. We have a line up of truly inspirational speakers along with loads of fun activities. Each day will consist of morning devotions plus two lectures. The first week will involve Four Wheel Driving, Hiking, Camping and Fishing, while the second week will include Surf lessons, Snorkelling, Kayaking, and loads more, while staying at the Phillip Island Adventure Resort.